What I have learnt so far this year.

This year I have had the best times and the worst times, but I’ve learnt so much more than any other year. I have learnt a lot about myself, God and people.

I really thought I was a patient and quick to forgive kind of person, until at some point I figured out that I was actually passive aggressive. I still do believe that I am patient and quick to forgive but this came with a lot of talking to myself through things and telling people how they’ve made me feel. When I was passive aggressive, I just harbored how I really felt and I would tell myself that I just forgive quickly – what a lie that was, it was all a way to avoid confronting myself and people.

God is real, Jesus is alive and God loves us all. This may sound crazy if you knew me last year. I thought that I believed in God but I had so much doubt about God really existing. That has all changed because when you ask God to reveal himself to you, I tell you, God will answer you and I don’t doubt it even a little bit.

I have learnt that my friends can be my family too. I have also learnt to love people with heir flaws and all. I can freely love people without feeling like it is a burden anymore. Honestly, I was really picky with who I would allow into my inner circle and it was ridiculous because at times I was the only one there. I battled trusting people and this made life so lonely at times.

God always comes through! God just does things differently from the way that I would like it to be done but God is good and I have learnt to give him all control.

I have learnt that I need to be my own best friend, to be kind to myself and to love myself. I believe that the way you treat yourself is how you’ll treat other people and I really do want to treat people with love and kindness.

The fear of man won’t get you anywhere but the fear of God will bring blessings.

Continuously grow as a person, one of the most important things to keep doing as a person, and don’t be that person who stands and watches everyone else flourish. Talking to myself has really helped me this year, you should try it too.

Love KB


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